Internship Process

 Process details

  • Receiving confirmation from candidate to participate for International Internships Program
  • Candidate gets in touch with our local Belgian coordinator of the program
  • CV screening and face to face discussion
  • Candidate confirms his intention to participate to the International Internship program in India with Gephyr sprl.
  • Signature of the Convention between the candidate & Gephyr sprl
  • First contact with our local coordinator in India via email/ skype calls
  • Short-listing of the key expertise and areas of interest of the candidate and search for suitable assignments
  • Formal Internship description with Mentor identified for the assignment
  • Candidate may decide to get in touch with the company(ies) offering him/her an internship.
  • Candidate confirms his internship acceptance
  • Both Mentor and Intern signing formal Assignment form
  • Assignment form is submitted to Concern authority


Internship Preparation steps

  • Confirmation on Assignment Start / End date
  • Invitation letter for Visa Applications provided by Jampot
  • Candidate applies for Business Visa at Indian Embassy in Brussels (Visa validity for 3 or 6 months)
  • Ticket Booking for India Travel along with Medical Insurance
  • Interns get funds allocated and transfers it to company bank account while in Belgium
  • Attend Information and cultural awareness session in Belgium for India Trip Preparation
  • Initiate dialogue with Mentor for any domain / technical preparation for the assignment
  • Submit required documents for Verification formalities in India upon arrival, Get proof of residence, Signing of  general Do’s and Don’ts document
  • Receive Visa and fly to India!